Summit 2019

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17 - 19 Aug




Workshops (Saturday)

Gil Castro

Gil Castro is the co-founder of INTUS, where he directs, develops, and designs interactive experiences for commercial and artistic projects. INTUS is a company based in Mexico City with more than 300 projects in its portfolio.

With a background in audiovisual arts and communication studies, he later found his passion in interactive technologies. With more than nine years of experience developing interactive installations and media systems he is an expert specializing in the creation of complete communication strategies, based in the development of real-time graphics, projections, and lighting design.

Ruokun Chen

Ruokun Chen is the founder and CEO of Digital FUN (creative studio), as well as the President of the Chinese TouchDesigner Community. His studio has taken part in multiple large-scale projects including the Volkswagen CC Launch (Shanghai), the Audi A8L Launch (Hainan), the Lululemon “1000 People Yoga” event (Beijing), and the performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Vancouver). He has experience as a technical developer and a special effects designer.

In December 2018, Digital FUN organized the first TouchDesigner forum in Shanghai, which lasted seven days and included Ben Viogt, as well as many artists from Japan, Greece, and Russia. More than 7000 people attended the event.

Jacques Hoepffner

Working mainly for stage, theatre, and dance, Jacques Hoepffner produces digital scenographies, videos, and images in collaboration with directors and choreographers. He has been using TouchDesigner for the last two years as his main tool to produce his work. In addition to TD he uses Unity 3D and Processing (when necessary). Hoepffner also teaches digital art in art schools and universities.


350 TouchDesigneurs coming from all the corners of the world.


The Summit takes place on the beautiful and spacious Couer des Sciences / UQAM campus in  Montreal centre-ville very close to Place des Arts. We will be occupying several spaces in the campus, but the main entrance and registration will be in the “Chaufferie” building which will also act as the ‘lab’ or community space.  Please see attached map for access routes.