Introduction to Custom CHOP C++

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This workshop is an introduction to the world of C++ CHOP programmed specifically for TouchDesigner. At the beginning of this workshop participants will gain an understanding of the custom C++ CHOP example source code while reviewing its main accessible methods.

Afterwards the group will review the design of a very simple module that will allow us to send data to TouchDesigner through the CHOP we will have created. At this stage participants will tackle the heart of a common problem together: the integration of a special sensor for TouchDesigner.

The presenters will demonstrate how to pair the Visual Studio debugger with TouchDesigner, how to use it, how to communicate with the sensor, and then how to send the data into TouchDesigner without causing any threading problems. By the end of this session attendees will have a global view of the design of a CHOP module in C++.

Unfortunately, this workshop is mainly intended for participants using Windows (because of the emphasis on Visual Studio and the instructor’s experience with this operating system). An advanced Mac OS X user with a solid knowledge of C++ could also join the workshop.

Prerequisites: *Windows OS recommended (Mac OS for advanced user who has C++ development environment setup.), Visual Studio 2015 or greater (Visual Studio Express is freely available.)
10:00 am
1:30 pm